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Full Version: So you want to start a Classifieds Site
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Well good for you!
It's not what its cut out to be but, if you've ever had a website prior, you will find that a classifieds website takes a whole lot of work. The content is constantly changing and the competition to the online retail marketplace is absurd.

Nowadays, in 2020 the majority of consumers relate to a "throw-away" world and would rather buy new. However, on the other side of the coin, every "service" needs advertising to promote themselves, and classifieds site work extremely well for them. Which is why you see alot of individuals & professional services advertised through classifieds sites.

Although, running a classifieds site is definately not a "get rich quick" way to go. Many marketing sites concentrate strictly on their own brands and have very little advertising links throughout their site. Classifieds sites however, generally are plastered with advertising links such as google Adsense and many others.

Unfortunately, site owners make very little income from these links (if any) and it clutters their sites making them look terrible & generally irritates the hell out of their users.

Through many years of online exposure, Bidmart Classifieds has had many responses pointing to 1 topic; "good old fashioned classifieds."

And after many years of site changes and upgrades etc, etc. Bidmart took it back to "Simplicity."
Giving its users what they want.

Now I'm not saying that you should make your classifieds site like something from the 70's,  its totally up to each individual as to what they like and prefer. Build your site to whatever way you like, but never lose touch with your audience or else they will lose touch with you.

Throughout this platform, you will read through many posts that will help you in your journey, and hopefully they will enlighten you to get the most from your site.

So, as you consider building a classifieds site, start with the basics and take noting for granted. Your most important feature before anything else is "Security."
If your site is not secure, your users info is liable and you could have more problems than what its worth.

Take note to what works best for you. In our present day, "the cloud" is the next step into online sites. Your database and file content are extremely limited so if someone decides to hack into your site, they'd retrieve very little of anything.

And finally, take note; Scammers & fraud are rampant on classifieds sites so, you"ll constantly need to put alot of serious effort into "control."
Control your content, control your users, control your exposure.

Exposing your site to the wrong audience will bring every pornstar from the 4 corners of the earth.

And with that said, we come to the final thought.

As you consider whether or not to continue down this avenue, we will be posting and updating alot of information on our platform to help you along the way.
Everything from adding links/backlinks to Seo and marketing schemes, what works and what don't.

Now don't get discouraged just yet cuz the info we post is relevant to any kind of site you propose to implement.  Whether it be an "Amazon niche"  or your own brands marketplace, you will find the content current to 2020 and hopefully useful.

Also, as members post their own replies to our content, it could benefit each and every one of us.

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