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Full Version: Social Media in 2020
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Is Social media the best way to expose your business or website in 2020?

The truth is; the days of social media being the #1 outlet to expose your business or your website, or its contents is long gone.
Although the media and many other sources do and say anything to promote social media & want you to concentrate primarily on social media as your #1 source for presenting your site, the fact is; Google and other search engines have de-linked social media site's such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.

How often have you searched for something on google or any search engine in the past year?

Lets try this;
head to your favorite search engine and lets do a search for "laptop for sale" OR, just type in "job."
Now all the social media sites have an abundance of listings for each of these categories however, there's less than a 10% chance of any listings showing up from facebook or any other social media site.

So why is this? Well, since google & others have regarded social media sites as a "community within a community" their content is irrevelant to a live search. So, if you're thinking that social media is the best place to get exposure for your site, your brand or your content, think again. Alot of things have changed since 2016 and continue to change at a rapid pace. In 1 year from now, this post will be so outdated and I have no doubt that google and other engines will have a whole new set of rules.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here. I'm not saying that you shouldn't post to social media, but you need to know how to make it work for you. We will have a much better explaination about this in the Social Media & SEO forum but for now, you need to know that you are being brainwashed by various sources who want to push you into social media as your primary source of exposure. This is a Myth.

Although, lets be clear. Prior to google & others re-vamping the structure of their search engines, social media site's were the best outlet to get exposed. There used to be a time when ANYTHING that you punched into that search box would bring up facebook and pinterest and linkedin, at the top of the list. The first 2 or 3 pages were consumed by them. Nowadays, you"d be lucky to see any of them within the first 3 pages.

So, "Fact or Myth?"  is social media the best place to advertise your business or website?

WELL, this is a double edged sword cuz it has a different side that we haven't discussed here.

Look for our Social Media update within the SEO & Social Media forums to find the answer of whether we should consider this a "Fact or Myth."

After reading our SEO post, you be the judge.